Cleanroom Chair Collection

Gemini 192 Chair

High Stool

Mobile stool with small footprint. Suitable for manoeuvring around tight spaces. Acid and Alkaline resistant. Upgradable to high stool with optional Aluminium base.

Gemini comes with the height option, base option, glider or wheel option, and the base material option. Upgradable to high stool with optional Aluminium base. Ideal for use in semiconductor, bioscience, pharmaceutical, and board manufacturing.

Buying Added Value


We provide office chairs for your comfort and also pay attention to materials we use, one of the original leather that we have using quality materials and durable. The quality of our genuine leather is tough and comfortable when it is made to sit for long periods of time.


Even though it is a classic and conservative look, but we offer some modern and elegant touches to some of the accents on the body of this office chair. One of them in the rest of the arm chairs, which is placed a cushion that lining the user so comfortable and look more luxurious and elegant look.


We make this chair as comfortable as possible without forgetting to pay attention to ergonomic bone and body shape so you will be comfortable when sitting for long period of time.

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