Cleanroom Chair Collection

SCORPIO 161 - LIBRA 171 - VIRGO 191 - GEMINI 192 - LEO 193

Mobile stool with small footprint. Suitable for manoeuvering around tight spaces. Acid and Alkaline resistant. Upgradable to high stool with optional Aluminium base. Ideal for use in semiconductor, bioscience, pharmaceutical, and board manufacturing. The chair comes with the height option, base option, glider or wheel option, and the base material option. All chairs feature heavy-duty construction, easy-to-use pneumatic height adjustment, and 360° swivel. Each chair has a sturdy five-legged base with glides; order optional casters separately below. Polyurethane Chairs have a unique ergonomic design to reduce worker fatigue and improve productivity. Rugged, curved back and tilting, articulating seat provide excellent support and maximum comfort.

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