A unique chair to employ full korean mesh which is usually designed for higher range, Xena is designed with this intention in mind. Another feautre that is found as standard is the any-angle lock mechanism.

Xena 7611 seat is made from extra durable mesh to prevent it from being loose. We take a careful approach to the construction of this office seating.

We recommend this chair as staff chair, meeting chair, or conference room chair.

XENA 7611 Office Chair


    • Fixed Armrest
    • Synchronised Any-Angle Lock Mechanism
    • Base: Nylon Base

    Overall    H:   93 cm -   103 cm    W: 64 cm    D: 56 cm

    Seat        H:   44 cm -     55 cm    W: 47 cm    D: 48 cm


    Seat : Korean Mesh

    Backrest : Korean Mesh

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