Zen Office Seating signature backrest gives its strong styling and character to the office interior. Coupled with light-coloured mesh backrest, it is a pleasure to sit on the Zen everyday

Its ergonomic features with its 3D Adjustable armrest will make its user to sit comfortably for long hours. Its unique pneumatic design and with our abillity to match the color for your office interior. 

We strongly recommend this chair for your boardroom chair, executive chair, meeting chair, and manager chair.  

ZEN 7356 Ergonomic Chair


    • Headrest
    • 3D Adjustable Armrest
    • High Density Injected Moulded Foam Cushion
    • Synchronised Any-Angle Lock Mechanism
    • Base: Aluminium Base, Nylon Base

    Overall    H:   119 cm -  129 cm    W: 63 cm    D: 63 cm

    Seat        H:     48 cm -    58 cm    W: 49 cm    D: 52 cm


    Headrest and Seat : Fabric (Ivy, Tulip), PU Leather or Genuine Leather

    Backrest : Mesh (Tulip)

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