What To Do About Ergonomic Neck Injuries Caused by Bad Office Chair / Furniture?

August 29, 2018


Neck pain is a common complaint from office workers who spent long time sitting in front of the computer with a bad office chair. Similar to other pains associated with poor ergonomics, ergonomic neck pain can be associated to a poor office chair and workstation design.

The best way to help prevent ergonomic neck injuries, poking chin posture, or cervico-genic headaches, is to ensure your office chair and workstation is set up ergonomically.

Other particular importance is that your Office chair Singapore and computer screen height are correctly aligned and set up to help facilitate you to sit back into the backrest of your Office chair Singapore, to help you maintain your position and stop leaning forwards and subsequently stop you poking your chin forwards. Get your ergonomic office chair at Ardent Office Furniture.

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