Features That Can Be Found On Good Ergonomic Office Chair In Singapore Part 2

September 18, 2018


  • Seat Height Adjustment Feature for Office Chair Singapore

This regulatory function is one of the important features for Office Chair Singapore that is "friendly" for your health. Office Chairs that are not in accordance with the height of the body will cause pain in certain body parts.

When choosing the right Office Chair in Singapore, choose an office chair with adjustable seat height. After that, don't forget to adjust the height of the office chair according to your body. Because, each office chair must be personalized with the size and height of the user.


A good office chair is one that has the right proportion between the height of the office chair and height. One of the tips is to get your feet to be able to touch the floor at an angle of almost 900. In fact, according to some health experts, a good sitting position that has a knee height slightly lower than the waist height.


Continue to read the next points of Office Chairs Features at the next article.

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