Delivering Quality: Product Testing at AOF Singapore

September 27, 2018


Most products that we use in our daily lives go through some form of testing before they are launched into the market. This is an important step to verify user safety, environmental compliance, and ultimately a positive overall experience. Have you ever thought about how your office furniture is tested? Here at AOF Singapore we have a Parts Approval Lab and a Color Lab, so you could say we take our testing very seriously!

The first test we conduct is part-specific, and it takes place in what we call our Parts Approval Lab. For this test, we scan our parts with a laser and the software generates a 3D color map that will tell us how much, if any, the part varies from the print. For example, when we model the back of a Office chair, we scan those parts to verify that all contours are exactly hexactly ow we modeled it.


The second test validates our colors, and this takes place in our Color Lab. Dedicated members verify the colors of each part match the exact color composition that is specified, regardless of the material that is used. We check for consistency so parts don’t vary, which gets us the same great look every time.

The third test is shipment testing, where we simulate what could happen during the shipping and handling process. 

To deliver long-lasting products, AOF Singapore also test fatigue scenarios, such as the “caster durability” test.  In this test we simulate the chair rolling for a pre-determined distance to ensure the casters will remain dependable through the lifetime of the product.

So, now you know the science behind what it takes to deliver the best office Chair Singapore on the market.


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