3 Essential Tips To Care For AOF PU Leather Office Chairs Singapore Part 3

November 23, 2018



3. Use It, Don’t Abuse It

PU leather is a great companion for comfortable daily usage; it can withstand scratches and scrapes that would otherwise affect natural leather. However, even the toughest of materials will suffer from repeated careless usage.

Avoid unnecessary pressure that would cause great friction to the surface, such as pressing one leg down into the seat, or leaving small & heavy objects on the AOF Office Chair Singapore. Additionally, keep highly abrasive and sharp objects, such as velcro or jean rivets away from the seat.


PU leather is an incredible, modern material. It excels both in terms of durability and feel, and has few downsides. Keep these tips in mind, use your AOF PU leather Office Chair Singapore as intended, and it’ll look brand new even after years down the road!

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