Fabric VS PU leather: All You Need To Know To Choose Your Next AOF Office Chair Singapore Part 4

November 23, 2018

4. Maintenance

Our AOF Office Chair Singapore leather (of the highest-quality and TUV SUD certified) is a coated surface which means maintenance is easier, simple and fuss-free.

While our SoftWeave™ fabric also does not require maintenance as often, it will take slightly more effort to clean if it gets dirty. For loose particles and dirt, they can be simply vacuumed up, but any spills should be blotted up with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible.

A commercial fabric cleaner may be used to clean dirty spots—just be sure to test it on a non-conspicuous part of your AOF Office Chair Singapore first.

In a nutshell, pick the AOF Office Chair Singapore if you are looking for a slightly more pet-friendly chair or a upholstery that’s fluffily soft against your skin; go for the PRIME PU leather series if you’re regularly using it in an air-conditioned room and looking for a AOF Office Chair Singapore that is more forgiving to spills (just be sure to clean it off immediately!).

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