Fabric VS PU leather: All You Need to Know to Choose Your Next AOF Office Chair Singapore Part 2

November 23, 2018


2. Durability

Our AOF Office Chair Singapore fabric is meticulously engineered with top-of-the-line 350gsm short yarn, which is woven together for high tensile strength so the upholstery doesn’t lose its form even after extended use.

It is also more pet friendly, and can be more forgiving to small claw marks. Just be sure not to let your AOF Office Chair Singapore turn into a scratching post!

Meanwhile, our PRIME PU leather—put through more than 10 mechanical properties, durability and performance tests—is more resistant to spills and perspiration. However, there isn’t any leather (natural or synthetic) that is completely immune to prolonged exposure to perspiration and the buildup of body oil.


Overall, PU leather—given that it is resistant to liquids—will be easier to maintain its mint condition. Clean up any spills or your sweat at the soonest with a leather cleaner  because prolonged exposure to liquids and body oils, coupled with friction, may cause the top coating of the PU leather to weaken, degrade or even peel over time.

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