3 Ways to Instantly Reduce Pain with Workstation Ergonomics With Office Chair Singapore Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Part 3

December 21, 2018

 3. Make Your move

While it’s not good to be twisting or reaching too far in your workstation, it is important to get up and move occasionally. If you have a sit-stand desk, try to stand up a few times throughout the day to work. Talking on the phone and reading are good tasks to do while standing. If you can’t stand to work, get into the habit of standing every hour and stretching or walking. Make excuses to move, like getting a coffee or walking over to speak to your colleague face-face rather than emailing. We’ve all become more sedentary in general. The experts are warning that prolonged sitting is now associated with a number of major health risks including Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease, and is also causing musculoskeletal pain. Incorporating movement into your day stops you from getting stiff and helps your circulation so that you are less likely to get pain.


With these quick fixes you can seriously reduce pain and free yourself to focus on your work, making you more productive and happier.

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