Sitting Pretty? Why An Ergonomic Office Chair Singapore Is Vital In The Office! Part 1

January 3, 2019


Sitting in an ordinary Office Chair Singapore puts strain on the spine because the right support does not exist. This wears out the lumbar support in your back, which can bring about pain to your back, shoulders and neck.


An ergonomic Office Chair Singapore is highly customizable to fit your body, the space you work in and the tasks that you are doing. When adjusted correctly, an ergonomic chair promotes an active sitting style and better overall health. According to The Health Site, there are 6 health benefits to using an ergonomic Office Chair Singapore.


1. Supporting your posture.

Because of all the adjustments available to you with an ergonomic Office Chair Singapore, you are apt to sit up straight, with necessary support on your back and legs resting in the correct placement (90 degrees to the floor with flat feet). Without the back support, sitting in a chair makes you more prone to leaning forward or slouching.


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