History of the Mesh Chair By Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore



It’s hard today to separate the thought of office work from the image of the mesh-backed computer Office chair Singapore. They’ve become an iconic staple of the forward-thinking business. However, the origin of mesh Office chair Singapore had a much different focus.


Redesigning the Office

After examining how office workers positioned themselves throughout the day, the designers found that workers moved through a variety of postures, leaned back, held keyboards in their laps, and so on. Seeing this, they kept the reclining feature of the Sarah, which allowed for the seat and Office chair Singapore back to move independently to open the chair up rather than tilt the chair up. They also discarded all of the foam padding because they believed the right mesh would mold to a person’s body. Eventually, the Sarah gave birth to the Aeron Chair. Although the strange-looking design was a hard sell to executives at first, it was finally accepted.


The public was more enthusiastic. The ergonomics, the streamlining, and the economy all caught on fast. With the success of the Aeron Office chair Singapore, mesh Office Chairs Singapore began to be developed by other companies, and offices embraced their airiness and modern style of these innovations. Unlike traditional leather Office chair Singapore, mesh designs were often highly adjustable Office chair Singapore, making them a better investment for offices and a more comfortable option for workers. Today there are countless models of mesh Office chair Singapore for office workers to choose from.

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