What Is The Purpose Of A Headrest On An Office Chair Singapore By Ardent Office Furniture?



Lets consider the main objective of an Office Chair Singapore headrest . In many respects it’s quite similar to the ones you find in vehicles, it’s there to support your head when it’s needed.


So, it won’t normally be in constant contact with your head, instead it’s there as its name implies to rest your head on when you feel like it.

When you are actively typing in your Office Chair Singapore your head won’t normally be touching the headrest and as a result it doesn't get in the way when you are working with a keyboard.


It’s there for those moments when you feel like relaxing and leaning back in your Office Chair Singapore.


Typically, if you are maybe relaxing while thinking through a problem, or reading a book or a report the added support a headrest provides is most welcome. It also works well like this when you are talking on the phone.

Anytime really when you are reclining in your Office Chair Singapore, it’s great having the additional support a properly designed headrest provides.

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