Why Good Ergonomics Office Chair Singapore Can Sometimes Work Against You In A Home Office Part 2


 Modifying The Way You Work To Increase Movement

It is still a good idea to have frequently used items handy to avoid making the awkward twists and turns that can happen even in a confined office space.

This means we need to get healthy movement in other ways to replace all those lost trips to the copier and meeting rooms.


Begin by getting out of your Office Chair Singapore at least every 20-30 minutes, even if it’s only to take a few steps around your work area. Increasing this by taking a break to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea is another way of keeping more active. And if the weather is good step outside and get some fresh air.


Adding in some simple exercise routines and stretches is a great way to add back some activity into tired muscles. Even lying on your back with knees bent pointing upwards for 6 to 8 minutes will give your back and shoulders a break from carrying your body weight continuously.

So, to prevent your body from feeling like it’s been caught up in a traffic jam, make a conscious effort to keep moving throughout your working day. Doing so will ensure the limitations of a home office don't leave you with muscle and posture problems.

What’s your experience of working in a home office and what ways have you found for relieving aches and pains?

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