How Active Sitting Helps Undo The Harmful Effect Of Passive Office Chairs Singapore Part 2


How Can You Achieve Active Sitting?

As explained above the fault with many Office chairs Singapore is the lack of body movement provided around the lower back and upper leg area. In the past this right angled way of sitting was considered to be the way to sit.

However what happens is that it places a lot of restriction on the use of the muscles in the abdominal region and over time they lose their tone and start causing problems.


Some enlightened manufacturers produce specialist Office chairs Singapore which encourage a more active approach to sitting. First these seats place your legs at a much more open angle around 110° rather than the restrictive 90° so prevalent with Office chairs Singapore. And then they take things a stage further by making it easy to move those core muscle through promoting active sitting.


A good example of such a Office chairs Singapore is Aeon 8308 from AOF Singapore.


Initially it looks like a stool with a spring around the center support, however it's only when you sit in it you discover what makes it different and why it keeps you body healthy and on the move. As you sit on it the seat pad angles forwards and you use your feet to control the seat.


The overall effect of this is the connection between your lower back and the tops of your legs becomes far more active. As you go about your work the Swopper keeps things moving and so your muscles get used, keeping healthy and active.

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