How Larger Corporations Better Understand Why Staff Need Good Office Chair Singapore

Larger corporations and multi national companies generally provide the workforce with high quality Office Chairs Singapore. How come they are better informed?


First, they employ facilities people whose job it is to find out about what is available. Often they will spend time evaluating suitable products and maybe have a select number of people in the office test competing products.


Second, because they are such large businesses they get the benefit of bigger budgets to spend on the right equipment.


Third, they are aware of the huge costs that can result if a member of staff lodges a complaint that poor equipment resulted in them suffering RSI (repetitive strain injury). In recent years large organizations have become much more aware of this sort of risk and taken steps to minimize it.


Lastly, leading Office Chairs Singapore manufacturers and their distributors such as Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore make a point of targeting large companies. As a result the companies are much better informed of what is available and the benefits to staff productivity and wellbeing. Small businesses frequently get stuck with the other end of the market.

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