What Makes Ardent Office Furniture (AOF) Singapore Seating Unique? It’s All About Dynamic Ergonomy Part 1


You would think that remaining comfortable when riding a horse for hours would be difficult. Sitting in the same position for long periods at a time usually causes discomfort. So how come it doesn't cause horse riders a problem? After all if they are stuck in the saddle for hours it's only natural to think it would soon become very uncomfortable.


In reality when you ride a horse the whole of your body is kept moving. The stirrups help the legs to keep moving and the motion of riding keeps muscles on the move, even at walking pace.


AOF Singapore understands why riding a horse for hours without discomfort is possible. It's all about movement.


What is Dynamic Ergonomy?

AOF's thoughts on ergonomic seating are summed up in what it calls dynamic ergonomy. Key to this is the principal that the next sitting position is always the best. In other words if you want to remain comfortably seated for long periods of time then you need to keep moving. We're not talking huge changes in position more a case of lots of subtle small movements.


AOF Singapore designs all of its Office Chairs Singapore to encourage continual movement or what it calls dynamic sitting. This all begins with moving in perfect balance and all its chairs have Balanced Movement Mechanisms™ with easy to adjust settings. Users simply need to adjust the Office Chairs Singapore to their personal body weight. Once set the Office Chairs Singaporethen naturally follows your moves and supports your whole body as you lean forwards, backwards or side to side.

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