How To Avoid Buying A Halloween Horror Office Chair Singapore: 3 Ghoul Rules You Need To Heed Part 2


#Don’t Buy A Office Chair Singapore Which Lacks Tension Adjustment

When you spend all day working in a desk Office Chair Singapore it’s only natural that you want to relax and recline every now and then. Many cheap Office Chair Singapore have no way of altering the pressure required as you lean back in them.


What you get is a preset tension based on the manufacturer’s best guess on what’s right. You might get lucky, however for many it soon becomes a nightmare.


Light framed people find themselves gripping the Office Chair Singapore arms and straining to get the thing to go back. And as soon as you relax the damn thing flips you forward again.


Heavy built people have the opposite problem. The Office Chair Singapore just lurches backward without warning threatening to pitch you on the floor.


So, make sure any Office Chair Singapore you're thinking of buying let’s you adjust the tilt tension. Some automatically adjust to suit your weight but you won’t find this feature on budget Office Chair Singapore.

Onto the next rule.

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