How Should You Split A Tight Budget When Buying A Desk And Office Chair Singapore? Part 1


Setting up your office follows similar principles, especially when your budget is limited.


In this article we’re going to look at the relationship between your desk and office chair Singapore and how to apportion a tight budget.


#What is the function of an Office Chair Singapore?

Returning to the analogy with your body, your office chair Singapore represents your heart. Whereas your desk is unchanging, your chair is continually on the move as it supports your body throughout the day.


As you move it moves with you and as a result forms a much more active part of your work set up. Imagine for a moment trying to work in a office chair Singapore which was bolted to the floor, set to a fixed height and had a fixed back and fixed arms. It wouldn’t be very long before you found it very uncomfortable to continue working. Consequently how you allocate your budget needs careful thought.

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