How To Maintain Your Office Chair Singapore: Simple Checks To Extend Your Seat’s Life Part 2


# Looking after the upholstery

You would be amazed at the amount of grime and grit that the fabric of your office chair can harbor. Don't believe me? If you haven't vacuumed your Office chair Singapore recently, try this test.


Slip of your shoe and give the seat of your Office chair Singapore a couple of sharp belts with it. Chances are clouds of dust will shoot out of it. A lot of fabrics hide the dust in them very effectively and you might think what you can’t see won't do any harm. Actually it’s the unseen part that is doing the damage. Contained within all that muck are microscopic particles of grit. As you shuffle and move around on your chair the grit acts like sandpaper shortening the life of your Office chair Singapore upholstery.


It’s a good idea to give the upholstery a thorough vacuum every week. Additionally once a year give it a clean with spray foam upholstery cleaner. Test it for color fastness on a hidden part first though.

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