How To Maintain Your Office Chair Singapore: Simple Checks To Extend Your Seat’s Life Part 4


#Keep those wheels rolling smoothly

Office chair Singapore casters accumulate dust and grime like magnets. Because it happens gradually you probably don't notice any change. As the muck builds up it clogs the wheel spindles and just makes the Office chair Singapore more difficult to move.

Begin by turning your Office chair Singapore upside down. Next pull out any loose clumps of fluff and dirt. Follow this by giving each wheel a clean with a powerful vacuum suction pipe.


Sometimes it’s awkward to get into the workings of the wheels, especially double wheel casters. For these a tin of compressed air may be the best way to literally blow the gunge out.


Once you have cleaned the grime out try giving the spindles a light spray with WD40 or silicone spray to help them roll more easily. Make sure to protect surrounding areas with a sheet; you don't want to stain things. Wheel maintenance should be done every 6 months. There's one other thing to check.

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