What Is The Best Office Chair Singapore For Short People? Fixing The Discomfort Dilemma Part 3

#What Office Chair Singapore features should be avoided?

Although this may seem obvious many people tend to buy Office Chair Singapore on looks. Often something big and bold looks impressive and yet for shorter built people this can only result in disastrous discomfort. So resist buying Office Chair Singapore that merely look great. A good fit is what matters if you want to be comfortable.


Avoid chairs that don’t allow you to adjust the tilt tension. This is the setting that controls the amount of body weight needed to move the Office Chair Singapore back. You want to be able to recline in a relaxed way and not feel you have to wrestle with your chair’s back.


Steer clear of fixed arms, they rarely suit the correct height to support your arms and shoulders comfortably. It’s much better to go for adjustable arms or even no arms when your budget is tight. Many Office Chair Singapore allow you to fit them at a later date. So lets see if we can shortlist some good options for seats for shorter folk.

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