Do you remember the typing pools of the ‘80s and early ‘90s?

These were large open plan offices which featured row after row of desks, all facing the same way, all featuring the same equipment, and all with an employee sat there typing for the entire day. Many people referred to typing pools as battery hen cages. Not at all pleasant.


At the time, this was the norm, but thankfully things have changed.

These days, employers recognise the fact that staff need variety in their roles, that sitting for an entire day, at premium office desks or otherwise, simply isn’t healthy, or productive. Expecting an office worker to sit and type for 7 hours a day will simply result in RSI, back ache, and headaches.


The typing pool is a rarity in 2019, and instead we’re moving towards the agile workplace. This is a type of office layout which gives employees choice in where they sit, according to the task they have to do. This means being able to get up and move around, vary their workload, and basically creates a far more pleasant and positive office desking environment.


Have you ever worked in a typing pool?


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