July 19, 2019


Unless you’ve been hiding under a metaphorical rock, you’ve surely heard about the waves being made by biophilic office design.
This is the trend of bringing elements of the Great Outdoors, into the office environment. Consider it a visit from Mother Nature, your office being touched by green fingers and elements of the forest.
Whatever you want to categorise biophilic design as, the benefits in terms of morale and productivity are quite far reaching.
Simply by opening the windows and allowing fresh air into the office environment, and improving the quality of the air with a few plants on office desks here and there, you can look forward to 11% productivity gains! That’s a huge amount, for quite little effort. 
Let’s look into five quick ways you can go biophilic, but avoid spending a small fortune at the same time.

Declutter Your Window Spaces An Throw Open The Windows

Biophilic design isn’t all about decoration, it’s about the environment too. Get rid of any rubbish which is cluttering up your window spaces and open your windows. This allows fresh air into the office, which is far more beneficial than the ‘fake’ air circulated by fans and air conditioning machines. You could also use mobile office partitions rather than static ones, so air can move around freely, and use your partitions only when you need them. 
If you use mesh office chairs in your space too, these will allow all that fresh air to circulate around the people sitting in them far easier, creating a more comfortable environment. 
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