July 26, 2019





The summer months are wonderful for many reasons, but it’s also a great excuse to get outside - weather permitting!
If your business is about to host an event, perhaps inviting clients and customers to learn about a new product or upcoming announcement, it’s important to get the small details of corporate event planning right. Doing this means you’re giving everyone the best impression of your business, hoping to secure their ongoing custom and cooperation in the future. 
For the most successful business event this summer, make sure you include these five must have details.
Plan two possible options, one based outdoors (your first choice) and one based indoors, perhaps within the contemporary office environment. Plan B, your indoor option, will serve you well if the weather turns a little un-summery! 
Make sure you have enough refreshments for everyone, especially if you’re basing your event outdoors in the sun 
Try and incorporate as much nature into your planning as possible, e.g. seating areas close to shaded trees, etc. This helps with mood boosting and concentration, but it’s also a good idea in terms of staying out of the full sun 
Make sure you have comfortable seating options, with mesh office chairs a great idea for keeping everyone comfortable and cool at the same time 
Schedule in plenty of breaks to keep everyone focused and concentrated
You can easily find great office furniture suitable for a corporate event, and provided the weather holds out, this can be used outdoors for a short period of time too.
Can you think of any other ‘must haves’ to add?

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