July 26, 2019



Making a positive first impression on visitors is vital in order for a business to succeed, but that doesn’t stop at the funky office meeting tables and the way the receptionist greets guests. Making an impression filters through to everything and everyone within an office space, including the way they dress. 
Many offices choose to implement office dress codes in order to avoid problems in the fashion department, but does that create unnecessary rules for those sat at their office chairs?
It depends upon the business at hand whether a uniform or dress code is the way to go, but surely simply opting for a smart yet casual approach is best? 
If you’re not sure what the best route to impressive dress includes, make sure you tick these boxes: 
Colours which are neutral, although you can add a pop of colour here and there
Clean and ironed
Nothing too short or too revealingNo requirement for huge fashion names, this isn’t a catwalk!
It’s really that simple. By ensuring that everyone knows the basics, there is no real need to ask for a strict dress code to be implemented. A more laid-back attitude to dress also means that staff know you trust them to dress in the right way – remember, your employees are adults!
If you can ensure these general requirements are followed, your visitors will not only be impressed with your shiny glass desks but also the way your employees carry themselves. 
What is your opinion on dress codes and uniforms?

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