August 6, 2019


Now we’ve talked in detail about mental health and why it is important to deal with it in a sensitive and proactive way, let’s get practical. 

What can you do for your employees to make life easier when you know they are struggling. If someone comes to you and explains that they’re feeling stressed, they’re suffering from depression, or they’re struggling with anxiety, what can you do?

Stress and depression are two of the biggest reasons that people go off sick from work, and this can sometimes be a long-term deal. This can cost a business a huge amount of cash over the course of a year, but you should look at this from the person concerned’s point of view. Sometimes taking time away from a situation which is causing a mental health problem is the healthiest thing you can do to overcome it. 

In that case, if someone in your workplace is signed off sick with a condition such as this, accept it, support them, let them know that you’re there if they want to talk, and as a business, do whatever you can to help them back into work, but only when they’re ready. 

One of the biggest problems with staff going off sick with stress or depression is that they worry what people will say about them behind their backs. They might not want to admit the problem for this very reason. The issue here is, if someone struggles on for too long and doesn’t get the help they need, the results can be devastating and even tragic. This is where mental health awareness training will help, to knock down those barriers but also create a more positive view of reaching out for help, as well as a positive view of those who do reach out and get help and perhaps do end up having a little time away from work.

Here are some of the main things you can do as an employer to help your employees through difficult times which may cause stress, anxiety, and depression. 

  • Let your employee know that if they want to speak to you about anything, you’re available and anything they tell you will be kept confidential. In this case, go to an informal space, perhaps with comfortable office tub chairs, to discuss in private  

  • Look into temporary flexible working arrangements for that employee, offering these to them and assessing their response

  • Temporarily reduce their workload, specifically the area which is causing them a problem

  • Ask if they would like extra training on a specific issue, e.g. if conducting meetings is the problem which is causing them to feel stressed 

  • Have regular check ins with your employee to see how they’re feeling 

A lot of the time, simply having someone who understands and who supports you can be enough to help with a problem. In addition, if your employee is seeking help from their doctor or a counsellor, you will be backing up their progress by offering a comfortable and supportive working environment.

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