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Most people try their best to avoid making complaints. Despite what you may think, customers don’t want to complain! A customer or client will only call to discuss a problem if they really feel annoyed by something, or they are concerned. In that case, it’s important to allay those problems and fears by using the right language, the right tone, and offering the right solution.

In order to do that, employees need to have specific customer service training. If this doesn’t happen, the whole issue could reflect badly on the business as a whole.

Customer service affects the following:

  • Customer loyalty

  • Attainment of new customers

  • Word of mouth marketing

  • Business reputation

  • How many customers or clients do business with you, versus your competitors

One of the biggest issues reported by customers or clients is not being able to reach the person they need to speak to when they have a problem. For instance, imagine that you have purchased a product from a business but there is an issue with it. You want to contact the person who you dealt with during the sale because they understand your requirements best. Despite your best efforts, you cannot get past the automated system when you attempt to call.

What does this do? It makes you angry! It further exacerbates the problem and turns a small issue into a huge one instead. As a result, when you finally do get through to someone, you’re so angry at the difficulty in actually getting to that point, you’ve either forgotten what your original, small problem was, or it’s become a real deal-breaker in terms of whether you purchase from that business again.

As you can see, something as small as not being able to speak to someone easily can cause a customer or client to move away from your business. Can you imagine if 50 people make the same decision, or maybe 100? Those customers will go to your competitors instead, all because of an issue which could have been totally avoided.

When a customer doesn’t receive the answers to questions prior to purchase, they will take their business elsewhere. When a customer doesn’t receive the appropriate aftercare, they will probably never do business with you again, and may tell their friends and family not to either. Shoddy customer services reflects on the goods and services you provide - if your service is shoddy, perhaps your goods and services are too!

Can you see how damaging this can be?

Put simply, customer service is a vital part of your business profitability and growth. The ironic thing is that knowing how to provide quality customer service is actually very simple. There are no difficult to learn the kills you need to obtain, it’s really about politeness, dealing with people as human beings, and doing what you can to help. Of course, you need to know about the goods and services you’re providing, but we would hope that’s a given!


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