August 16, 2019




Of course, one of the most effective ways to get more time out of your day is to focus on the tasks you really need to complete and to leave the others aside. This doesn’t mean you don’t do them, it means you spend less time on them. In many ways, prioritising is a way of utilising the Pareto Principle, because you’re putting forth less effort but getting more benefits.

When you arrive at your luxury office chairs in the morning, sit down and work out what you need to complete that day. List your tasks and work out which is more urgent/important. Do that first. From there, work down your list in order.

As you’re working through your priority list, remember that there may be unexpected tasks which fall on your desk. This is normal and something you need to make peace with. You simply need to re-organise your priority list slightly, to ensure you complete what you need to. If this means another less important task is left until tomorrow, so be it; you have to complete the most urgent and important tasks that day. Use equipment such as an office screen to help you focus and concentrate, without distractions.

Of course, you could delegate tasks that you can’t complete, but this depends on your position within the company as to whether this is an option for you or not. If you’re overwhelmed, speak to your line manager and explain; in that case, they may take some of your workload away and delegate on your behalf. It’s far better to highlight the issue than to struggle and miss deadlines.


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