August 23, 2019





We’ve mentioned that you need to provide the right type of furniture for collaboration to be easier to achieve, but what does a collaborative area look like?

It’s best to site an area such as this away from the main office space. If you have an open plan office, why not think about incorporating a collaborative zone, away from the area where people may be knuckling down to concentrate on close work? This means employees don’t feel on edge about disturbing their colleagues, and they’re free to let their imaginations run wild. Who knows what ideas could come from this set up!

The space also needs to be as large as possible. It’s far easier to come up with creative ideas when you can move around freely, perhaps walk around, sit down, stand up, and when there is fresh air entering into the space. Think about using mesh office chairs, as these allow fresh air to circulate around the body, helping employees to feel comfortable and cool whilst trying to come up with new ideas, through team-work discussions.

You also need to ensure that the table is large enough, because this means large sheets of paper can be used to scribble ideas on. Think about cable management too, for laptops and tablets which may run out of charge otherwise. Modern boardroom tables often have this type of cable management incorporated, so this is something to look into.

Of course, you also need to ensure that the decor of the space is innovative and inspiring. Yellow is thought to be a colour which inspires creativity, but you could also think about artwork, which also has the same effect. Add in some office plants here and there, to help purify the air and ensure stress remains out of the equation too.

Put simply, your collaborative space needs to be dynamic, bright, and inspiring. It needs to be a space which people walk into and feel ideas brewing in their minds! A space which is too small, too dark, and has a stuffy feel isn’t going to generate much in the way of collaborative success, so it’s certainly worth investing time and a little of your budget into this collaborative area.

When you consider the benefits of collaboration, surely it’s worth creating a space dedicated solely to it?


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