August 23, 2019




In order to be the very best manager you can be, it’s important to take a long and hard look at your management style.

Are you a hard manager, someone who is a real task-master and gives orders without any leeway allowed? Are you a softer type of manager, someone who asks rather than tells and is there to support their employees through thick and thin? Are you ‘one of the team’, someone who likes to be involved in the day to day running of the office, and understanding what is going on at the individual office workstations? Or, are you a delegator, someone who sits at their desk and delegates tasks to those in the office?

Managers spend a lot of time sat around the modern boardroom tables, making decisions and discussing issues, but this also raises the problem of workload. As a manager, how do you deal with these meetings? Do you delegate tasks to be done whilst you’re in a meeting, or do you streamline the number of meetings you attend, to ensure that you get to complete work first hand? This is a great way to show staff the way forward, i.e. be a real role model, especially for younger, inexperienced staff.

The ability to lead a team is more than barking orders and expecting work to be done, it’s about understanding personality types, sat at their individual office desks, and being able to tweak your specific management style according to what they respond to best.

For instance, if you have a shy and quiet employee, they’re not going to respond well to being put on the spot whilst sat on the boardroom chairs, with a large group of people. This is going to cause them anxiety and stress, and they’re not going to show their best as a result. It’s far better to approach this situation as a one-on-one, and with empathy and sensitivity.

On the other hand, you can interact with an extremely extroverted member of staff in a much more direct way, whilst ensuring that you don’t knock their confidence by being too brash.

Understanding these slight differences in personality and understanding how to approach them is what makes a good manager become a great manager. Not understanding this is the fast track towards bad management style. You have to recognise the fact that your employees are your single biggest and most valuable asset; without them, the business would simply stand still. For the reason, a quality manager needs to treat staff as people with feelings and potential, and not as a number or someone who simply sits at a desk and does work, then goes home.

What type of manager are you?


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