August 29, 2019




One of the most common reasons for employees leaving a business is down to poor management. For those in their office seating on a daily basis, management and guidance is a vital part of the story. If this isn’t forthcoming, or if a manager doesn’t treat staff well or value them, employees are going to leave and find management which does value them and does listen to their ideas and suggestions.

Inexperienced managers can still be successful, it simply comes down to listening, learning, training, and perhaps using the help of a specific management-style mentor.

Managers make mistakes like everyone else, but the spotlight is on them far more due to their position.

If you’re reading this as a new manager, or perhaps a manager who feels they need a little skill refreshment, the good news is that a high quality manager is always a work in progress. You will never know it all, and you should never expect to either. Working with your employees rather than against them will help you to retain high quality staff and attract new talent your way.

If in the past you feel you might have been less than quality, why not address the issue with your employees by asking for suggestions on new projects etc? It’s never too late to try new tactics and the results could be fantastic in terms of morale and productivity.

Of course, decision-making skills are extremely important for a manager, and it could be that you need to brush up on these skills, to ensure that you make the right choices in the future. Again, nobody is perfect, and admitting that you may need extra training is a strength, because it helps you to become a far better manager in the future.


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