August 29, 2019




We’re making headway through our common problem troubleshooting guide now, and the next issue is one which links very closely to morale too.

Is your office designed correctly? Is it comfortable? Is the decor and general design inspiring? Is there enough natural light and fresh air? Is it a place employees want to attend in the mornings?

A comfortable and attractive office makes work much easier, and it makes people want to go to the office and try their very best on a daily basis. When the office is difficult to work in, morale is going to suffer. And in addition, when office chairs are uncomfortable and unsupportive, you’re potentially looking at staff developing lower back pain, neck pain, and a myriad of other health issues.

So, how can you identify any potential issues with your office design and rectify them?

Risk assessments and regular general assessments, that’s how. It also comes down to communication.

Make sure that you have an open door policy, so that employees know they can come to you with any problems and they also know they’re going to be taken seriously. For instance, if one of your employees comes to you and complains that their chair is causing the back problems, don’t simply skim over the comment. If you do so, they’re going to end up with severe back pain and possibly be off sick due to it. Instead, discuss options and consider purchasing an ergonomic chair for them. Remember, you need to invest in your employees!

You also need to ensure that your office furniture is placed in the right areas. It’s no good having printers far away from trendy office furniture, because staff will spend half their time getting up and down, which takes them away from their work.

Another placement issue is ensuring that staff get enough natural light, so placing desks close to windows, but not so close that glare becomes a problem.

Put simply, ensuring your office is designed correctly, and is an attractive place to work will help you sidestep many potential problems, but you can easily fix any issues which do arise by ensuring this remains an idea high in your mind. For instance, white office furniture is ideal for brightening up a slightly darker office, which could do wonders for the morale levels in your space.


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