August 29, 2019






Did you know that office work is considered a sedentary type of work?

You might roll your eyes, because the work you do on a daily basis is far from sedentary when it comes to thinking and coming up with ideas, but sitting at your office workstations for many hours on end is classed as being sedentary, and comes with a whole host of health risks to boot.

For this reason, trying active working is a must do.

Active working gets you moving around during the day, whether it’s a chair which works out your core, sitting and standing by using stand height tables, or doing yoga exercises at your desks, these are all ways to get a little exercise and contributes towards a reduction in the health risks attached to sedentary lifestyles.

We’ve mentioned health risks, but you might be a little concerned about what they are exactly.

Put simply, you’re not getting enough exercise by sitting at your desk for a long period of time. Whilst your brain may very well be active, your body isn’t. That’s the problem. You can change that risk by using the active working methods we’ve mentioned, or simply getting up and walking around more, trying walking meetings, walking to work, or going for a wander during your lunch break.

Seats which allow you to sit down and stand up periodically are also very popular at the moment and certainly worth trying. This gives your body a slight workout, albeit in a gentle way, but also gives your brain a boost of focus too. The standing posture helps to increase blood flow and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your brain, therefore allowing you to concentrate, focus, and come up with new ideas far easier!

You can alternate between sitting for a short time and standing by using a desk which adjusts, or you can simply stand at a desk which is a taller height. You could also think about desk risers, which rise your computer and keyboard up, so you can work more comfortably whilst standing, and then sit when you’re ready.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure that you get plenty of exercise when you’re not in the office. So think about walking to work, and if that’s not practical how about driving but parking the car a short distance away from the office? That way you can walk a little, and still get to work on time!

You could also go for a walk during your lunch break, which will give you a brain boost before returning to work in the afternoon, and during your shorter breaks too, by simply walking to the coffee machine and back again! You can walk during your meetings too, as walking meetings are becoming a very big thing!

These are all ways you can be more active during your working day, making health risks less of a likelihood.


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