September 6, 2019




There are many people who dislike the idea of hot desking. This is one of the most universally disliked systems around, but despite that, it does have serious benefits for productivity.

As a business, you might be on the lookout for an office desking system which your employees can enjoy and thrive within, but one which is also extremely productive, and at the end of the day, profitable too.

In that case, there are several choices you can look into, but without a doubt the most popular at the moment is the agile working method.

Agile working is similar to hot desking in some ways, in that nobody has their own specific desks to call their own, but the entire environment is designed to be creative, comfortable, and aimed towards getting the best result for the task at hand.

The main element of agile working is the implementation of zones within an open plan office space. These are usually quiet zones, collaborative zones, relaxation zones, meeting zones, etc. There can be more or less, it depends upon the business, but these are the specific elements which make up the agile model.

Within that, employees can decide on the day where they want to work in order to get the best result from the task they have to complete. They might want to hide away in a booth and concentrate on their task in a quiet and uninterrupted way. However, they might feel that the task would be better completed as a team, and they can therefore use the collaborative area, which is separated from quiet zones. This means nobody is disturbed and the entire working area is harmonious, with a high amount of morale being the overall aim.

Of course, the other alternative to hot desking is to look at specific flexible working methods, to allow employees to work in a way which suits them and their needs. This could include home working, remote working, flexitime, changing their hours etc, but they would probably still have their own office seating to call their own if they were working from the office space on a regular basis. In these cases, apart from home and remote working, employees don’t share desks and they have a personalised area which they work from whenever they’re in the office space.

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