September 6, 2019



The problem with a messy desk, whether it’s a productive tool or not, is that it looks extremely unorganised to anyone looking in. If you have regular visitors to your office space, they’re not going to get the best impression is they see office desks which have excessive amounts of paper on them. You might know where everything is, you might have everything completely under control, but it simply doesn’t give the best impression of you as a worker or in terms of confidentiality of information either.

A manager may also look upon someone with a messy desk as being out of control. Again, you might have a total handle on the work you have to do, but a messy desk makes it look like you really don’t. As a result, your manager might worry about possible data protection breaches, deadlines being missed, and you may get passed over for a promotion as a result.

At the end of the day, you have to find a working situation which is productive to you, including the best desk to help you hit your deadlines, a way of working which allows you to find what you need and action tasks as they arrive, and a situation which gives peace of mind to those who are looking in, that you’re not about to lose something important.

Some people thrive within a slightly more chaotic working situation, whereas others simply drown if they have more than a few pieces of paper in front of them. It’s a personal choice, but it’s one that you need to think about in terms of the way it looks to outsiders looking in.

Does a messy desk inspire creativity? Some people find ideas come to them amongst clutter, so again, it’s a personal deal! However, for most people, having a relatively clear desk means a clearer mind, and when you have a clear mind, you’re able to come up with solutions to problems and new ideas far easier.

Perhaps there is a piece of middle ground you can strive for, which will allow you to be creative, hit your deadlines, be productive, not forget anything and avoid mistakes, whilst also ensuring that anyone who sees your desk doesn’t get the completely wrong idea of you as an employee.

Whether you’re a piler or a filer, it’s important to find the best route for you in terms of how to work to the best of your ability. By being mindful of other ways to work, you can find the ideal piece of middle ground for you as an individual worker. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone!


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