September 6, 2019




If you need to work from a co-working space, you have a lot of choice in front of you.

Co-working spaces are the ideal place for a freelancer, home worker, or remote worker to have a change of scenery, network with other like0minded workers, and make use of the high end office desks which are often in place!

Not meant to be a regular working environment, co-working spaces are transient, i.e. you book in and use the space when you need it; this is not somewhere you will use all the time. You will find many co-working spots in the biggest digital nomad hotspots around the world, but also in major Singapore cities as a place for home workers to use, and those who are perhaps away on business trips and need somewhere more office-based in order to complete tasks.

The good thing about co-working spaces is that they are packed with professional office furniture, which helps you to get more done when you’re away from your regular working environment. You’ll find comfortable mesh back office chairs, large desks, printers, meeting rooms, high-quality Internet, and of course, coffee on tap!

So, if you’re keen to try a co-working space, what should you look for when making your decision on which to try?

You will see that one of the first points on that infographic is cost. You have to pay to use a co-working space, which is a little like renting a desk for the day. The cost can vary according to where the space is, and it’s likely that large cities like Singapore will charge more than smaller spots. Despite that, you can shop around and find co-working spots which are value for money.

You should also make sure that the spot you choose has the type of facilities you need for your type of work. Everyone will need different things, so for instance, if you need to use booths for private work, you need to enquire about the type of furniture they have in place. If you need to scan and print out paperwork, again, you’ll need to ask beforehand, but most co-working spaces have printers and technology such as this anyway. Most also have a website where you can find out all the information you need to know.

You can often drop in and find a spot which has space, but you may also need to book in beforehand. This depends on how popular that particular co-working space is and whether you’re looking to work from there during a particularly busy time. Again, doing your research and shopping around will help you find the ideal place for you to spend your working time.


Many people also need meeting facilities, perhaps for video conference calls. Larger co-working spots often have these facilities to hand, and that means you can connect with your clients around the world and do what you need to do, whether you’re inside the office or not.

The other plus point is that co-working spaces usually come with coffee on tap, which certainly helps the day to pass much faster and more productively as a result!

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