September 13, 2019



One of the most important facets of productivity is to recognise that not all work requires the same environment. For instance, certain tasks require true concentration, and that means a certain amount of privacy. Handily, there are many privacy tools you can use within an office such as using office screens to create a barrier between you and the people next to you, or you could utilise office booths and really find the space and quiet to focus. 

There are many other ways to focus on work, perhaps with office desk pods, or moving away from the office space for a short while completely and working remotely. Despite that, there is another type of work we need to take seriously - collaboration. 

Many businesses are choosing to implement zones within their office spaces, especially in large open-plan offices. This is part of the agile working model and basically means that the task is the most important thing and an employee decides where to work in order to get that task done to the best of their ability. That doesn’t always mean going somewhere quiet, and it might mean sitting down and discussing it with another colleague or even working together as a team on the entire project. 

In order to do that, you need to provide areas where discussions can take place without disrupting the rest of the office. A modular office desk is a good answer here, as it can be moved around and stored away when not in use, and taken to a quieter part of the office. If you prefer to have a static space for collaboration, look towards acoustic panels, which will absorb the noise and avoid discussions distracting other members of staff.

Collaboration is a vital part of productivity, as it allows new ideas and creative solutions to come to the fore. Of course, just like we have high-quality productivity and low-quality productivity, there is also the same two sides to collaboration too.

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