September 13, 2019




The first area we’re going to look at is the decor of your space. You don’t always have to follow the most up to date design trends around, especially if they don’t fit in with what you’re about as a business. What you should do however is look at designs which compliment the space you have and choose the best office furniture to furnish it with.

For instance, did you know that the colour of our walls could actually affect productivity? There is something called colour psychology and this is the understanding that different colours affect our brains in different days. That means you can stimulate the brain to be more creative and more productive, simply by grabbing the right paint pot!

If you want a creative and focused space, go for colours such as yellow, blue, or green. These are ideal office shades, as they fit in with most other designs, and you could also add in some plants to give you a biophilic nod too. This helps to reduce stress, which certainly boosts productivity in itself, and also looks pretty fantastic at the same time!

The way your office looks plays a very important part in productivity. Employees want to feel proud of their office, and bespoke office desks with comfortable chairs certainly help!

Of course, a contemporary office design which lifts the mood is a plus point, and taking colour psychology seriously and thinking about themes which are known to increase productivity is vital. Biophilic design is one of those, and this is the practice of bringing elements of nature inside. This can be via plants, or wooden furniture, etc.

It goes without saying that you should ask for your employees’ input before making any major changes to the design of the office, and find out what they would like to see. This also boosts morale, which we know is linked to productivity!

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