September 13, 2019




It’s vital that you find a workflow system which suits your employees, as well as the work you need to complete. This could be a hot-desking system, agile working, remote working, collaborative and quiet zones, or anything else you like, but it has to make sense in terms of the desired outcome.

In order to identify the best workflow system, it’s a good idea to discuss the situation with your employees and get their input. After all, they’re the ones doing the job and that means they have insider knowledge that you’re not privy to! Asking for their opinions and input also shows that you value their insights and that boosts morale, therefore boosting productivity too!

Gather everyone around the oval boardroom table and explain that you want to find a workflow that works for everyone. This means finding a system which everyone can work well within and reach their targets, without added stress and pressure. This could be as simple as moving a few desks around, it could mean changing software packages, or it could mean a total overhaul, but you won’t know the most productive way forward until you gather information from all sources. From there, collaboration to come to a firm decision between you.

Of course, after a while, it’s common sense to review the system and see if it is working well or not. If not, changes will need to be made, but if it’s working, you can carry on and review again in a few months’ time.

Many businesses fail to review changes they have made, and instead implement them and expect them to simply work. If they don’t work, they throw them away and start again; that’s a waste of time! You can’t expect huge changes to simply click, and sometimes they just need to be tweaked slightly in order to make a huge difference!

Combining the most productive office environment with the best workflow system will ensure that your business hits the productivity high notes with ease.

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