September 20, 2019




The Pomodoro Technique is the ideal way to incorporate regular breaks into your working day, giving you the best of both worlds. This means you work solidly for 25 minutes, focusing as much as you can, and then you have a break of 5 minutes. You get up and walk around during this break. Then, you repeat the process.

This is a great way to give you extra focus, whilst also allowing you to have regular breaks without feeling like you should carry on working through. The promise of a 5 minutes' break is often enough to push you through 25 minutes of solid concentration, and the results have shown this technique to be extremely effective at getting more done in the time you have.

At the end of the day, that’s what we all want to achieve - we want more hours in the day, but unfortunately, that’s not going to come our way! Instead, we need to find ways which allow us to be more productive, in a healthy way, and regular breaks can allow you to do just that. It might sound like being away from your desk is going to do the total opposite, but in terms of allowing extra oxygen and blood flow to your brain, boosting your concentration, you’re actually investing in the next block of work you’re going to do.

The biggest no no is being tempted to eat your lunch at your desk. This is something far too many people are guilty of. You’re given a lunch break for a reason - make sure you take it! This means getting up and leaving the office for however long you have, and doing something relaxing with your time!

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