September 27, 2019




Communication certainly isn’t all about the words that come out of your mouth or how you say them, but its also about what your body is saying without words.

Body language is just as important as verbal language, and if you want to convey the right message to whoever you’re trying to communicate with, you need to know how to allow your body to do the talking at the same time.

Learning how to read body language is a useful skill in everyday life, but understanding how your body language might change the meaning of your words is vital in the workplace. If you’re sat at your office workstation and you’re discussing an issue with a client or a customer, your body language could completely change their view of what you’re saying. This can lead to misunderstandings once more and may give them the wrong impression of not only you as a person but also the business as a whole.

The same can be said for collaborative sessions with colleagues. If your body language screams “I’m bored and I’m not listening to what you’re saying”, even if you are, conflicts could occur. If you were in the middle of a video conference with a client, the way you’re sitting could also affect the way they take your words. It’s certainly worth paying attention to!

As a piece of practical advice on this section, work on avoiding the negative body language traits we mentioned, and try to adopt the positive ones. By being more mindful of what your body is saying to others, you’ll help to alleviate the possibility of misunderstandings and boost your non-verbal communication skills.

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