October 11, 2019



Can you remember the last time you completed all the tasks on your to-do list? Can you remember the feeling of accomplishment as a result?

Most people don’t get to the bottom of their intended list of tasks every single day, but there is a way to harness that feeling and boost your chances of repeating the action.

Morale is everything. When you’re sat in your office chairs you need to feel confident and able to complete your to-do list, otherwise, you’re fighting a losing battle before you even begin. So, start each day with a positive mantra, tell yourself that you’re going to do your very best that day. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to do all the tasks you need to do, because if something lands on your desk and causes your list to go off on a tangent, you’re going to feel like you failed. 

Then, repeat your mantra several times throughout the day. Organise your workload for the best outcome and if you don’t manage to complete everything, don’t be hard on yourself, simply readjust for the next day at your office desk. 

By doing this, you’re boosting your morale, increasing your confidence and actually giving yourself a far better chance of completing your to-do list on a regular basis. Time management techniques aren’t difficult to master, but if you don’t have the confidence, they’re useless!

How often do you finish your to-do list?

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