October 11, 2019



Your employees need regular breaks in order to help boost productivity and look after their health and wellbeing. With that in mind, surely creating bright and inspiring spaces for them to head to is more worthwhile than a dull and depressing space!

If your employees spend their break times somewhere which helps them feel uplifted and full of ideas, surely that’s going to impact on the work they do when they return to their office chairs?

So, if you want to design a break space with a real difference, what can you do to make your break spaces really pop?

#Go for bright colours which complement each other - Blues, greens, and yellows are great choices for inspiring creativity 

#Opt for comfortable furniture choices - Go for trendy office furniture which is brightly coloured, comfortable, and perhaps a little different from what you have in your regular office space

#Make sure there is plenty of natural light - A bright space will really make your break area stand out 

#Arrange your furniture so there is plenty of space for employees to roam
Break spaces can easily become old and need a little renovation. If yours falls into that category, these ideas should help you create a comfortable and inspiring space for your employees to rest. 

Do you have any break space ideas to share?

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