October 11, 2019


Aside from learning new skills and knowledge, there are certain standard training requirements which every single member of your staff needs in order to work safely and effectively within your organisation. The basics are:


  • Fire safety training

  • Manual handling training

  • Infection control training - Helping to lower the instances of sickness at office desks

By giving this type of information and training to your staff members on a regular basis, you’re ensuring that they’re healthy at their office chairs and also that you’re covering all the bases in terms of legislation. 

How often should you give this training? It really varies and depends upon the organisation, but the standard model is to give new employees induction training, covering all of the above bases and also giving information on business specifics, such as pay, pensions, employment rights, etc. From there, many businesses use a rolling programme model, which gives every employee a standard training update every year. This updates them on fire safety, health and safety, manual handling etc, and reinforces important information. 

In addition to this, whenever new legislation comes into place or any changes within the workplace, additional training should be given according to need and in a way which is suitable for both the employee and the productivity of the workplace.

For instance, if you are about to install a new software programme which is going to completely replace the one you have already, everyone is going to need training. Despite that, you can’t suddenly close the office and send everyone off for training. In this case, you would need to stagger the training and have a set number of employees leave their trendy office furniture and attend a training session. This would need to be coordinated over a period of time, to ensure minimal disruption. 

After that, a period of transition would need to occur, before the system goes completely live. This type of model minimise disruption to the business but also ensures that employees feel confident in the change. If you simply drop the change on them and don’t give them sufficient training or fair warning, morale is going to fall lower than temperatures during a winter cold snap!

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