October 11, 2019



We hear the phrase ‘teamwork’ a lot, but can you actually break it down and explain what it is easily?

Probably not. The reason is that teamwork is very complex and diverse and really depends upon the team at hand and the way they work. Every team is different and operates slightly uniquely. It basically comes down to what works for the particular group, but there are similar traits within successful teams. 

Before we get on to what makes a good team, let’s break it down into its most simplistic form. 

As you can see, a team is a group of people working together, towards the same aim. There will always be the odd issue within any team, perhaps misunderstandings or small conflicts, but overcoming these quickly will ensure success for all. Within your office space, it’s important to have an office desking system which allows team members to communicate and collaborate on projects easily, and to ensure that nobody is left out. 

So, what exactly makes a good team?


  • High-quality communication between team members

  • A shared focus on results and end goals

  • Everybody works equally as hard and contributes an equal amount

  • Team members support each other whenever necessary 

  • The team has a designated leader, but everyone is able to share ideas and guide others as necessary 

Teamwork isn’t smooth sailing all the time, but the shared vision of the team pulls it through any rough times that might occur. Not everyone is a team player of course, but it’s important to put aside any individual aims or wants and focus on the good of the aim, i.e. the good of the business. 

If your office doesn’t have a team working ethos at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate one over time. Creating an environment which encourages collaboration is the first step, to look towards a round office desk rather than longer options which don’t allow everyone to be heard, and incorporate trendy office furniture to try and inspire ideas and discussion.

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