October 11, 2019


Body language is the way our body speaks for us. It could be a lack of eye contact, or too much eye contact. It could be fidgeting, which may signal someone is bored or lying, or it could be a defensive stance, perhaps with the arms crossed over the body.

Body language might seem like nothing, but when you start to delve into it and piece together the truth of a situation, you will understand that body language can actually scream what is really going on beneath the surface. 

Have you ever been speaking to someone and you’re hearing their words, but you’re not convinced by what they’re saying? Maybe you haven’t met this person before in your life and you have no idea about the background of what they’re telling you, but something just seems ‘off’? It’s probably because their body language simply doesn’t match with the words they’re saying and you’re totally confused as a result.

Body language is powerful, and being more aware of how your body language speaks for you from your office desk and beyond is vitally important in a working environment. 

Understanding the main positive and negative body language traits can help you get your message over to someone far easier, but also avoid them misunderstanding your motives. It’s also useful to learn how to read body language when you’re sat at the round office desks, so you can really get to the crux of an issue and solve a problem.

Of course, understanding body language is useful in your personal life too and can help you to understand when someone might be lying to you or bending the truth slightly. 

Understanding that our words aren’t the only communication method we have at our disposal is vital if you want to ensure that you show your true self and your true intentions. 

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