October 25, 2019



Having an ergonomic Office Chair Singapore is a good way to prevent back pain and other more serious conditions that happen when spending long hours seated, especially in front of a computer. The best ergonomic chairs will not provide any benefit if incorrectly adjusted, which is a common even in offices that have purchased better seating for employees. Because most people do not know how to correctly adjust such Office Chair Singapore, many of the benefits from an ergonomic chair are lost.


Adjustment is Key


Ergonomic chairs are built with knowing that every user is different, so the Office Chair Singapore must be fully adjustable. Proper fit is the only way that a user will discover the health benefits associated with ergonomic seating and it only takes a little bit of effort. With three main adjustable Office Chair Singapore components, coming up with the right formula for each person is essential and well worth the time spent once that process for each component is defined.


Seat Pan – A seat can be adjusted in height and angle, although some of the best ergonomic chairs also adjust depth-wise. Proper adjustment begins with a user sitting with feet flat on the floor and adjusting the height so the knees are at a 90-degree angle. The depth of the seat should be adjusted so that the edge of the seat tapers downward a few inches behind the backs of the knees while fully seated in the seat pan. If this is not possible and sitting back in the seat causes the edge to contact the backs of the legs, the seat is too deep and a different Office Chair Singapore should be purchased. Tilting the seat pan slightly backward or forward for personal comfort is good as long as it is not so much that weight pressure is either increased or decreased from the legs and feet.


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