November 1, 2019


Test Stain-Removing Products in a Discreet Area

While soap and warm water should make quick work of superficial stains on an Office Chair Singapore, you’ll need a stronger cleaning solution for stubborn stains. There are a variety of stain-removing products available on the market, many of which contain powerful cleaning chemicals. But if you’re thinking about using one of these products, you should test it in a discreet area of your Office Chair Singapore.


Don’t just apply the stain-removing product to your entire Office Chair Singapore. Rather, test it in a discreet area that’s difficult to see. Doing so allows you to see how the product affects your Office Chair Singapore. You can test a stain-removing product underneath the seat of your office chair, for example. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but if the product leaves a permanent stain, it won’t be visible.


Whether you’re planning to use a store-bought stain-removing product on your Office Chair Singapore or a natural stain-removing product, such as vinegar, you should test in a discreet area. As long as the product doesn’t damage or permanently alter the fabric, you can proceed to it elsewhere on your Office Chair Singapore.


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